Online Games Developers Conference

Hi all! I’m a developer from Ukraine, so sorry for my bad english)
I like JavaScript a lot and really want this language to be successfull
Also Im protagonist of ideas of Open Source.

My experience in WebGL-programming is not to high, but i usually use and know well Canvas-2d.

But, in this month I have opportunity to speak at grand conference of online-games developers.
I’ve chosen such topic as “Canvas2d, Canvas WebGL, WebSockets”
There’ll be many representatives of well-known game-developers companies, and my speech can make them to pay attention at this technologies. I hope, that I can bring some popularity to Javascript-Canvas in post-USSR countries.

Conference will be in several weeks and now I’d like to hear all propositions or ideas. If developers of this technology read this post, it will be pleasure for me to speak with you personally… But i will be happy to see comments from everybody)

Thanks for your attention, Shock

Some suggestions are of course:
for diversity:

And other libraries

for awesomeness:
Learning webgl: such a good starting guide even before the standard is generated
shadertoy: just awesome to see

for speed issues:
EWGL-matrices and mjs (is already only half as fast)

There are a lot of user contributed demo’s and links to tutorials etc in the WebGL Wiki User Contribution area found here:

You might like to sign on to the public WebGL mailing list also, information can be found here:

Hopefully this information will help you out.

@shock You are from Ukraine, so you can try learn from polish blog with tutorials about WebGL. Visit and try.
Polish and Ukraine languages are almost this same :wink:

It is great to read user contributed demo for the WebGL. This could at least give you more ideas for the conference for the online game development. And yes there are many blogs that could let your learn more for this online game development.

it is a great idea… i like it…