Oni on Win XP w/ Nvidia GeForce FX 5600

I’m trying to run Oni on a Windows XP Pro system with an Nvidia Geforce FX 5600. The movie at the beginning of the game plays, but at the time when the menu should appear (presumably) the game crashed with the error message “Blam! Oni Crashed.” I’ve downloaded new drivers, reinstalled the game, to no avail. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Old game + New Card/Operating System = Receipe for problems

I suggest contacting Oni Support - AND if they stop laughing at you long enough to consider the problem - may actually be able to help.

Here’s what Oni’s FAQ page says on the problem:

Q. Oni crashes after opening a movie. Can I fix this?
A. You probably have a Diamond Viper 550 video card. Update your video driver to fix this problem.

Uh oh!

The problem is that Bungie (makers of oni) used a fixed length string to hold all the GL extentions your card has. Of course this is fine until now when modern cards have heaps of extentions that creates a string larger than the Oni init program can hold ergo “blam - oni crashed”

This has only recently been discovered (Nov 2003) so maybe bungie will release a patch … hopefully

I had the same problems running oni. the only way to fix the problem is to rollback your drivers. i was able to get oni to run again after rolling back the forceware drivers to the detonator (44.03?) driver. hope that helps.

Well thanks for the responses, they’ve been helpful. Seems the only thing I’ll be able to do at the moment is try rolling back my drivers or wait for a patch (unlikely).

Happy gaming.


What’s really interesting nowadays is that Bungie sold off Oni to Take2. Wonder what’ll happen, because I’m sure all of us are waiting for a game like that, with Multiplayer.

I have exactly the same problem on my system (running ATI Radeon 9800 Pro), I just came across this while searching for a solution. It does look like alot of people will just need to hope for a patch.

I have a FX 5700 Ultra, and I also have this little spot of trouble. I’d really like to play the game, but a patch seems impossible…

It seems to only be an issue on DX9 cards, because it runs just fine w/ a geforce 4 pci.
maybe disabling some of the extenions? Or editing oni config files.

There must be a similar problem because I have a voodoo 3! And still get “Blam Oni crashed” although I can get to the menu, I still can’t actually play the game, perhaps it is to do with DX9…

there is a suggested patch at http://oni.bungie.org/files/applications.html, I havn’t tried it yet, but it’s worth a shot