one skeleton for several meshes : how?


I try to write an exporter for a 3D application.
I want export characters with theirs clothes.
In my scene, i have the character (one mesh) and the clothes (several other meshes).
All these objects are skinned and linked to an unique skeleton.

In collada file I want to write one controller with several skins (one per mesh)
but I don’t know how declare that in the visual scene. I just need to make a instance_controller with a link to the unique controller for each “object node”?




The COLLADA spec says a controller can only have one skin and a skin can only reference one geometry which contains one mesh. So I think the only way you can drive your character and it’s clothes off the same controller would be if all their geometry was contained in the same mesh.

If you want each of these objects to be in a separate mesh you will need to have a controller for each one.

You can have multiple <instance_controller> tags in the same node, and any number of controllers can reference the same skeleton/nodes.

Sony R&D

ok. I have added one controller per mesh and it works with the maya importer. :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply.