One answer to the "GLIDE2X.DLL NOT FOUND" error launching OpenGL Games

Here’s the link where I found the information on this error.

An error message appear launching the OpenGL version of Hexen II:

In Windows 95, the error reads: “Error Starting Program - A required .DLL file, GLIDE2X.DLL, was not found.”

In Windows NT 4.0, the error reads “GLH2.EXE - Unable to Locate DLL - The dynamic link library glide2x.dll could not be found in the specified path.”

A similar problem may occur in other games based on the “GLQuake” engine.

GLIDE2X.DLL is a custom support file for the 3DFX Voodoo chipset. It does NOT work and is NOT supplied with other 3D chipsets, such as the ATI 3D RAGE family.

As is stated in the Hexen II help file, the user must remove the OpenGL32.DLL file from the Hexen II game directory when using anything OTHER than a Voodoo chipset. This will bypass the custom 3DFX OpenGL drivers, and allow the game to work with a standard OS-based OpenGL implementation.

Customers should refer to the “3D ACCELERATORS” section of the Hexen help file for additional information.

Note that ATI only supplies OpenGL support for specific products and specific operating environments.

INFO-BASE file # 2880

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