OMX IL v1.1.1: Enumerated list of frame sizes?


I’m trying to find a way to get a component to report an enumerated list of frames sizes that it supports. I would have thought this is a pretty common requirement (due to things like camera hardware), so I am surprised that there isn’t a param already defined for this. The struct would be similar to OMX_IMAGE_PARAM_PORTFORMATTYPE or OMX_VIDEO_PARAM_PORTFORMATTYPE but would have width & height rather than eCompressionFormat and eColorFormat.

So do I have to use my own extension index for this, or has something been standardised?

Phil Edworthy

Obviously this is not in the spec 1.2.
I would like to extend that to list of supported frame rates too.
But should it be assumed that all frame sizes and frame rates are supported by all formats?
There are cameras that support certain frame sizes for certain formats and other frame sizes for other formats…