nView problems with Half-life

I am currently running nView on my dual-monitor setup. When I try to play games like Half-life (in OpenGL), nView places the game directly centered between the two monitors, so the crosshair is actually split in two.

How can I force the application to run in just one monitor, without running it windowed?


Windows XP Pro
Leadtek GeForce Ti4400
Athlon XP 2000+
Epox KT333+
Latest Detonator drivers

Well I honestly dont know. What I can tell you is check with the Nvidia Tool near the clock and play with the settings.

Also (im sure you know) get the latest 44.03 nvidia drivers for GeForce and TNT family.

My card used to be listed as GeForce 2 mx/mmx 400 and AFTER i updated it also said TV OUT as part of the device name. I looked at my N Tool near the clock and it had some new settings for what seems like what you are talkin about. Something about Dual monitor support or whatever.

The Nview tab has the following features
Display where you can select multiple devices and a Force detection of all devices box

Hope that helped

Um, I think you’re talking about something else.

I have no problem with my set-up. I just need to somehow specify within nView to force HL to play in just one monitor.