nVidia Quadro 4 vs OpenGL

As the most of the publishers on this forum, even I got problem with OpenGL.

I’m using a software for simulating the working on metalpieces. This software is using OpenGL, but we got distortion when we running the simulation.
Our contact on the software company tells us that the reason of this behavior is that our OpenGL isn’t working properly.

So I have looked things up today, running GLinfo.
GLinfo tells med that I’m using a driver from Microsoft. Shouldn’t nVidia be my vendor?

I’m using Windows XP Pro, english version.
The graphic card is a NVidia Quadro 4 380 with
the latest driver (posted at the end of june, 2005)

Below you find the information I exported from GLinfo.
Driver info
Driver version
Vendor Microsoft Corporation
Renderer GDI Generic
OpenGL version 1.1.0

Extension lists
Extensions GL_EXT_bgra
WGL extensions

Is there anyone who have a clue of what is going on in this case?

Your Driver vendor should read NVIDIA. And it should have many more opengl extensions than the windows driver you’re using.

head over to www.nvidia.com and download the relevant driver…

And the reason you are answering to a one month old post that the OP is probably never gonna read anyway, is what exactly?

Not to mention that he already said, that he had up-to-date drivers (current to the date he posted his question) ONE month ago.

People like you make me feel sick. Why dont you even bother to read the OP post carefully?