nVidia GPU ID

Where to download a tool for identifiing nVidia GPUs?
To be more exact I want to know if my video card is based on a Geforce2 MX or on a Geforce2 MX200 chip.

Thanks in advance.

I do not know of any such program. OpenGL programmers is checking the vendor string but the kind of information you wants is propably not there. I must also admit that I do not know of the difference or have even heard about a GF2 MX200.

nividia orignally released the geforce 2 mx as the budget card and thjere gts and ultra as there performance cards .
then decided to make 2 variants of there mx based card the mx 200 and mx 400,
i believe the 400 runs faster but is negligble because the ram is only as fast the 200.
the 200 is mainly used in oem systems
but if u can get the orignal ge mx it is better.