Nvidia demos

Just got my G-fx 5600 video card but can’t run any of the Nvidia demos included on CD. Every time I open it , WinXP reports error and crashes back to desktop. Any1 else had the same problem or is it time to buy new PC?

FX 5600 256mb
Windows XP pro clean install with SP1

AMD Athlon XP 2700
Biostar M7 400/333 FSB 8X AGP

No overclocking and sufficient cooling

And this is an OpenGL problem because…?

Do you have DirectX 9 installed? If not, slap yourself in the head.

Problem in NrenderGL and yes, I have latest Detonator drivers and DX 9…

Try on a different OS. Try other benchmarks and tests.

In the worst case, the card may be a dud.

Good luck,

Card works flawlessly on every game I tried and there seems on defects at all. Problem occurs only when I try to open Nvidia demos (NrenderGL window opens and crashes suddenly)

I think all of these nvidia/opengl/direct3d problems in XP (crash/infinite loop/bsod/hard reboot) have to do with the motherboard chipset. Everyone who has had problems and has given their motherboard info runs a board with VIA chipset! I’m running a Biostar M7VIT Pro (VIA) and am having all of these problems including openGL and the inability to run the nvidia demos.

I’m trading for an Abit NF7-S with nVidia nForce chipset to see if that solves my woes.

Any thoughts?

Ok, have you unchecked the nvidia drivers option about “use SIMD CPU INTEL intructions”?.

I have a VIA chipset on this mobo and it has a Gf2 GTS and it runs fine in Win98/NT/2k/XP.

You have to do some testing. Try 3Dmark 2003. It only 177 MB

I know it uses DX9 but this will give you an idea on what the problem is.

Looks like I found solution to my problem - I’m going to buy barebone system with P4 and move everything on it. I’ve had enough problems with VIA chipsets, it’s time to move on. BTW, I also lost faith in AMD.