NURBS degree ?

When I use the GLU function gluNurbs(…) on Windows98 and WindowsNT, there is no restriction on the NURBS degree. When I use it on Windows2000, the allowed degree is less than 7. Do you what the problem is? Thanks!

Maybe you should put that question onto the coding boards…

void gluNurbsSurface(
GLUnurbsObj * nobj,
GLint sknot_count,
GLfloat * sknot,
GLint tknot_count,
GLfloat * tknot,
GLint s_stride,
GLint t_stride,
GLfloat * ctlarray,
GLint sorder,
GLint torder,
GLenum type

In Win98 and Winnt4.0, “sorder” and “torder” can be any positive number. In Win2000, “sorder” and “torder” should be less than “8” (degree <= 7). Of course, the program can run correctly on all of OS(win98, nt, 2000). There is also no bug in my program.

I guess whether it is the Visual C++ 6.0 compatible problem on different OSs?