Number Nine Graphics Card OpenGL Support?

Hi There,
I just installed win2k on my machine, and went to the number nine site to get the latest drivers, much to my chagrin, I found out they went bankrupt and weren’t providing any more drivers.

I then went to S3, which makes the chipset for my card (Savage4). After installing that driver, QuakeIII “Cannot initialise GL subsystem”!

I know openGL came bundled with win2k, and I have the right indicated by the S3 Site, however, openGL -won’t work-. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to download and install something else??


So far as I know, the Savage4 is incompatible with Opengl in Win2k. I too have a Savage4 based card, and so far, I’ve tried everything. Directx however works great. Some tips to help out: Download the latest VIA drivers if you are running a VIA motherboard, this will get direct3d working properly.