NORMALS in <vertices>?

Sometimes when Maya exports models, it exports them the normals in a different location.

Sometimes it puts the normals under the <vertices>

<vertices id=“objgoblin_1-VERTEX”>
<input semantic=“POSITION” source="#objgoblin_1-POSITION"/>
<input semantic=“NORMAL” source="#objgoblin_1-Normal0"/>
<triangles count=“7820” material="_3_FBXASC045_Default">
<input semantic=“VERTEX” offset=“0” source="#objgoblin_1-VERTEX"/>
<input semantic=“TEXCOORD” offset=“1” set=“0” source="#objgoblin_1-UV0"/>

When typically it exports them like this

<vertices id=“pCylinder1-VERTEX”>
<input semantic=“POSITION” source="#pCylinder1-POSITION"/>
<triangles count=“120” material=“lambert2”>
<input semantic=“VERTEX” offset=“0” source="#pCylinder1-VERTEX"/>
<input semantic=“NORMAL” offset=“1” source="#pCylinder1-Normal0"/>

What’s the difference and why does it export them at two different locations? I would prefer it to always have it in the triangles node. Because I need the offset.