non-compliance COLLADA 1.4 of Google Earth kmz/dae?


For the ones who missed this info (like me, because the search on this forum didn’t help me, and neither does a title like ‘collada .xsd document’).

It appears that Google Earth COLLADA 1.4 files are non-compliant:

See “Open Source Java code for COLLADA 1.4.1” :

“Also, I created a method to fix a Google Earth COLLADA XML document to make it schema-compliant”

Would be great if Sketchup gets fixed, so that the Google 3D Warehouse gets filled with the proper COLLADA content. Otherwise everyone has to write fixes for kmz-dae in their im/export.


A lot of the bugs in Google SketchUp are the same ones I have seen in other DCC export tools. It is because they are not using schema validation. Common problems are making sure the id and name attribute values start with a letter instead of a number (NCNAME) and making sure that the required elements are present and in the right sequence.