NO Textures in MOHAA any ideas? (DISCO MODE)

It’s like I’m in disco mode! SOS/HELP!
all funky colors nothing like what it should be. the geometry looks kinda ok… but nothing is colored, or if it is it looks like disco lights! thought i’d ask here… I can actually start the game now (i have the latest drivers etc…) but it shouldn’t look like that. Geforce 4mx 440, AMD XP 1600, PC chips 810L … any ideas?
oh yeah running Windows XP… (fairly fresh install) i’m going to get the service pack for it and hope for the best…
however i need anyone who has had this before to help me out… i’m out of other ideas. I was hoping people on this board would be knowledgable about sucht things… and thanks in advance. even if you can tell me who i should talk to to resolve the issue i would appreciate it

I solved my problem (could not play Half life or any other modes of the game in another way than “Sofware-mod” !! so i had no opengl nor direct3d)
my drivers were are all up to date (leadtek gforce4 mx440 running on wind2k) i downloaded this :
nVidia Refresh Rate Fix MKII for Detonator 40.41
(nividia’s script modified by a programmer)
at this addresse :

and reduced my screen rate from 85hz to 75hz

now half life runs smooth and fine

Features of this file

  • Solves 60 Hz bug for DirectDraw, Direct3D and OpenGL
  • Lets you specify refresh rates from 60 up to 240.
  • Compatible to Detonator 40.41
  • Also works with older Detonators, since 28.32

If you have a nVidia graphics card, you’ll probably know about the very common bug, that occurs together with the nVidia Detonator drivers under Windows NT/2000/XP: Normally, you can’t get a higher refresh rate than 60 Hz in the OpenGL/Direct3D modes, which makes you very blind after a while of gaming. :wink: I programmed this tool, to fix this bug, since I could not find an existing tool for this on the internet, which is compatible with the new official Detonator v28.32 drivers. There already were some tools around that supported the older Detonator versions.