No OpenGL support for ATI Rage LT Pro?

ATI’s XP driver for the Rage LT Pro doesn’t support OpenGL, so says their website. I need OpenGL to run some CAD software. Is there a way around this, or does anyone know if OpenGL support will be forthcoming from ATI for my older card?

Or do I drop back 5yds and punt?

I think they’re only developing drivers for Radeon chipsets now, and maybe an infrequent Rage128Pro driver update. I doubt they’ll release a new OpenGL supporting driver for your card.

If you need OpenGL support, I’d probably suggest purchasing a Radeon or Geforce2MX card, they can be found for about $50 including shipping at good online retailers such as

Hope this helps…

Thanks. It helps some, but I have a laptop machine (Dell Inspiron) and I don’t think I can swap out graphics cards. That sure would be a nice feature, though.

Ahh, I didn’t think about that, a laptop is difficult to upgrade. And I just looked at the ATI site, I doubt they’ll be offering a driver upgrade for XP. The Win2k driver supports OpenGL and DirectX7, so perhaps that’s an option?

Good luck!

Well I mentioned that to others before…

You may try this:

Its an OpenGL->Direct3D wrapper. I never have tried it myself (did not have to), and NO I am NOT related to that company in any way.

Hope that helps.