No OpenGL Settings

I have a Chaintech FX5200 256mb card. According to the Chaintech manual I should have OpenGL settings tab. I do not. I am running the latest nVidia drivers 66.93. There is no way to get a response from nVidia, Chaintech has been of little help. I did have the tab available with my old PNY GF4 MX 440 64mb. I have coolbits installed, though am running the card in 3D default speed. SiSoft reports that OpenGL 1.5.2 is installed. Why no tab, no settings??

Nvidia removed it a while ago (year?). It combined DirectX and OpenGl into other tabs.

What specifically were you looking for?

Yup, the 52.16 detonators still had the tab but it got kicked out and was replaced with the unified tab.

Finally! after MANY emails to/from card manufacturer it was said that the latest drivers for FX5200 with the tab would be 56.72. I like to tweak and the OpenGL tweaks were not there. Question now is if I go back from 66.93 to 56.72 will I lose performace? What about DirectX 9.0c? 55.72 is certified for 9.0b.

I would keep the current drivers, the only thing that made really sense to play around with was the vsync setting which is now in the combined tab. The others options like “disable support for enhanced CPU instruction set” and “default color depth” are best left alone.