new monitor

bought new monitor, now some games dont work, morrowind worked, edge of chaos2 worked, grand theft auto 3 dosent, has 2 screens, same with cataclysm (homeworld), and sum of all fears,monitor is a samsung syncmaster 955 df, ive got an asusp4s333, motherboard, ati 8500dv all in wonder, p4 processor, and more memory and hard drive capacity, than ill ever need, had it built speacial, anyways i need help

my best bet is that you have a composed computer, that’s usually a big mistake and you are better off with a entire new computer then just buying parts reason is that the factory settings and hardware are tuned onto the parts as they were manufactured. In your case it would be best to do the following. Check in your Bios and set it up to your graphical card, check the monitor drivers ,or install video drivers from for your graphical card.

turns out it was the samsung monitor drivers cd, the drivers are there but they are hard to install being there are several more steps than usual you have to take, figgured it out though, now all the games work.