new 45.23 detonatorFX on opengl...

did it fix opengl problems?
If not then that would suck big time again.

No it didnt fix any of the issues simply because it has nothing to do with nVidia. All other games that I have work fantastically with the latest drivers.

The ******* of this situation is Windows XP which is a MICROCRAP Software.

Originally posted by mrpogi23:
did it fix opengl problems?
If not then that would suck big time again.

Which problems?

I found it actually disabled my Nvidia fog tables… otherwise, it’s as stable (and workable) as 44.03.

I.P.Freely - you need to try and work through your fixation that YOUR problem lies with Microsoft Windows. If it does, its with your setup only. Hundreds of thousands of people are using XP, Nvidia cards, and playing OpenGL games.

I do play OPENGL games on XP. I just reinstalled CS,SOF2 and RTCW and they work like a charm. OPENGL is running perfactly on my machine. Its just MOHAA now. From all the threads that i have read and other forums that I have been on the problem is always MOHAA running on XP. SO your correct when I shouldnt blame XP. I should blame the game.

I still hate microsoft though
Di you know that there are files on XP that are called index.dat. These files store alot of information about you activities on you machine.

Not only that. these files are encrypted with a special key. Fortuantley for users the key was obtained and I have had a look to see whats inside these files.

I found everything from my internet surfing habbits " The webpages I have visited", the files I have recently opened. The password to all the sites I have signed up to, My Yahoo_messanger and MSN messanger logs ie " Stored coversations.

Then at the end of the file a point to a blss.exe file which i have found out from that website uses the index.dat file and send the info inside it to

Why do they need this info. why send it through port 80 which is the port for your web traffic. And when it fails to send on port 80, it sends on port 135.

Port 135 being the port that the new blaster worm is using.

Amazing that a program has found a vulnerability in windows which just happens to be the port that blss.exe uses to send info to the microsoft sever.

I searched for the file blss.exe but it wasnt on my system. Untill i downloaded the tool spyviewblss. The file blss is located itself in the index.dat file that is stored on ur system.

anyway. MOHAA still doesnt work…