Need some answers here

I play this game called Runescape, it is written in Java. The ingame settings allow for 3 modes during gameplay: Software mode, DirectX mode & OpenGL Mode (and less known but accessible Safe Mode).
Now, I play perfectly fine in the first 2 modes, but if i switch to OpenGL, the graphics become all messed up and glitched, like some blocks have been moved around hampering gameplay.
This problem is especially bad for MAC users who do not have directX, cannot switch to Software mode & Safe Mode results in extreme lags.
From what I have read, OpenGL is Open Source and is slightly different on different cards?
Some people have no problems in OpenGL either.
The only reason I am posting here is i have been trawling Google for a reason or fix but with no luck, so I thought id feed the sugar straight to the Horse and posting here, in case one of you already know why this could be happening.
I will be happy to supply you with anymore information you need.
I know my way around computers for home use but am definitely no expert compared to you all who post here, so go easy on me please. :stuck_out_tongue:

OpenGL is Open Source

A common misconception; OpenGL is anything but open source. The “open” in it’s name refers to it’s status as a standard, and has nothing to do with it’s source code which is just as closed as D3D.

slightly different on different cards

To say the least. If I was a betting man I’d say that you have either ATI or Intel graphics hardware, which has always been known to be somewhat flaky with OpenGL (although in fairness ATI/AMD seem to have improved a lot recently).

Ah! Thank you. I guess the person I heard saying it was open source knew a little less than he thought he did.
Also you are exactly right, everybody who has this problem either has ATI or Intel.
Thank you, that clears up a lot of things for me. So the only ‘fix’ in this situation would be to switch Graphics Hardware right? And there wont be like an OpenGL update or whatever that may fix this in the future?

It’s not so much OpenGL as it is the drivers, and they are supplied by the hardware manufacturer. Intel’s drivers are crocked, and trying anything that’s in any way out of the ordinary on them will only end in tears. ATI’s used to be crocked but are apparently improving; there seems to be still a way to go with them. NVIDIA have this policy of “everything always works” which means that you can potentially commit horrible acts of abuse in code and mostly get away with it.

Switching graphics hardware, complaining to driver manufacturers or filing bugs with the game developer seems to be the gamut of solutions available to you.