Need OpenGl for Windows2000 with Voodoo 3/3000 HELP !

Can’t run Quake3 under Win2000 ,it opens next message : “GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem”.
I am using Voodoo 3/3000 ,have installed new
driver Nov 9,2000,that supports DX8 still it’s not helping.
Under Win98 this game is working perfect using OpenGl 121 driver ,but it can not be installed in Win2000 it requiers win95 or win98.
I am searchin for the OpenGL driver that will work with Win2000 but can’t find it.

      Help ...

You really should go through all of the posts before posting a question.

This problem has been addressed so many times that i can’t even have words for people who STILL do not know how to use voodoo’s in W2k or XP…

Here’s a couple of posts w/ the same question:

And now the very simple solution:
Get the Omega 1.03b W2k drivers. I think they are the best. But you’re welcome to try others, they got plenty!

Try an quake update !!!

i think it will help

pointrelease 1.27g is the latest i’ve got, but there shurely some newer out.

good luck
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