need help with OpenGL on RADEON DDR

i need help with this. my graphics card driver doesn’t support openGL and i can’t seem to get the driver for it. iv’e tried several drivers to download and it can’t find the driver for my video card. so can anyone help me. PLEASE!!!

I have the exact smae problem!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US!!!

I have also this Problem…PLEASE HELP !!!

Actually, your video card DOES support opengl, you just need to download the driver from If your Radeon was built by Ati and not another company, click the “Find a driver” link under the “Built by Ati” portion of the website. Be sure to follow the install instructions, which tell you to uninstall your existing drivers, reboot, and then install the newly downloaded drivers.

If you need further help, try the forums at

Do like he said and download the new and old ATI drivers but also make sure your DirectX 8.1b is loaded. Also make sure your audio drivers are up to date along with your motherboard 4in1 drivers. 4in1 drivers can effect the PCI and AGP performance of your motherboard and how it runs your hardware on your system. If you are having a game issue please post the game and the error you are receiving with your video card. Also check your BIOS settings, ATI recommends you shut off the cache for the video card and the system. Update your BIOS by flashing it but be very careful when you do, you can lose your CMOS programing if you flash it wrong!!!

If you have ever had another (older) video card in your current system, take a look at these suggestions:

They worked for me with similar problems on a GeForce 4.