Need help to start learning OpenCL on my laptop

Hi ,
I want to learn OpenCL on laptop. I have Lenovo 3000 N200 .It has Intel pentium dual core and doesn’t have any GPU .Which runs on widows XP and Ubuntu 12.04 lts .

Please suggest me which laptop I should buy. What are the hardware specification requirements for laptop to run OpenCL .Which software packages and operating systems I need to install to get started.
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Any moderate notebook pc would be fine, as long as its supports OpenGL, and they pretty much all do. I would customize with the best graphics card you can afford.

I recommend “OpenCL in Action” by Matthew Scarpino. It’s a nice reference, thorough and well-written for a tough technical subject.

Today most of the operating system such linux,windows,mac have extended their support for openCL in their latest releases.
Power of openCL lies in its capability to use devices such as graphics card for non-graphical computing. Therefore a graphic card is needed to utilise the full capability of opencL. Graphics cards of AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA support opencl. To get a detail list of products which are compatible with openCL ,visit this link

Also see this (section OpenCL-conformant products)