Need help to download openGL

I have S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR. When i play games like “counter-strike”, it will change the video mode from openGL to software. I think i am required to download openGL. Can someone tell me where to download it???

GL is included in the video driver.
In your case, go to

download which file??? i cant find any file that is named “openGL”

There is no file called opengl. You have to download the video drivers.

In your case, choose “Legacy Discrete” from the drop down box, whatever that means.

At the bottom, there is a whole list of Savage cards.
The legacy drivers page laeds to this

Do you see “ProSavageDDR (420) Drivers” there?

OH! i saw it. thanks a lot!

ive got a SiS driver and i need open gl 1.4 where can i find it