need help regarding open SL ESAPI


I am interested to know the open SL ES API in detail. I know that OpenAL supports the 3D positional audio in detail. I would like to know the openSL ES API as i came to know that it supports the 3D positional audio.

I have searched the website and i didnt find the same. Could you pls send the link or the open SL ES API for the 3D positional audio.

Thanks in Advance

can someone post a link to the specification when it is available? i searched the website also and could not find it.



The OpenSL ES specification is currently work-in-progress but it should ready within the next few months. For the latest information on the specification see the presentation I gave on the Khronos booth at GDC: … nSL-ES.pdf


Thanks for the reply.

I could not find a draft for developer review in the khronos website. Can anyone post a link of the same??

Thanks in advance.

The OpenSL ES specification is very nearly finished and we expect a provisional release of the specification to be available for developers and anyone else interested around mid August.


I need information about audio format available on OpenSL | ES

Does anyone know about it?



We have a plan to make the OpenSL ES specs real in code. Especially, We wanna adopt this specs to game-platform. So, I have a question about the spec.

Spec says that there are 3 segments, it is profiles, in OpenSL ES. If we would make one of them in our platform, Can we pass the conformance test and use the OpenSL|ES logo?

There is no clear answer on spec document. Please let me know about that.

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Hi, the full details of when and when you can’t use the logo will be announced at the time of the final release, when we will announce the full adoption details. That being said, as an implementation is only required to support one profile, you can expect to be able to use the OpenSL ES logo as long as you pass the conformance tests for that profile.