Native Windows glTF player & SDK


I am a newbie to glTF, but an old hand at Vrml / X3D. I am looking for a decent Windows native glTF player & SDK. I have tried out electron versions of threejs, babylon, glTF-Viewer etc. Would have been nice if Microsoft made their 3D-Viewer (supports glTF ) an ActiveX/COM component. Any pointers would be helpful.

Don McCurdy’s glTF-Transform and glTF-Viewer are very helpful. Big Thanks.


Would Babylon Native fit the bill for this? It’s not fully native like you are asking for, but it does integrate with Native applications using web tech.


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I thought that I responded. But cannot find my response … So here goes again … Apologies if it is a repeat.

BabylonNative works but is too complicated. A straight-forward “native glTF viewer” with a corresponding SDK would be great. Bitmanagement has an SDK that is along these lines.

Meanwhile, I am experimenting with Unity.


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Hi Gary,

Saurabh Bhatia (PM, Microsoft) said something interesting that Microsoft is building an SDK supporting glTF among others in the “Windows Composition Scene API”. I am interested in that. BTW I could not find Saurabh Bhatia’s email address. Could you share that pls ?. If you can pls do share yours as well. This is through khronos.


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Perhaps you’re looking for


I did look at glTF-SDK. It seems to be only about serialization/deserialization. As, I said earlier the “Windows Composition Scene API” is what I am excited about. It appears to be APP centric wherein 3D content is a part of the APP. Most game-engines (including Unity which I am experimenting with) seem 3D centric.

Maybe someone can combine the really brilliant “Google Filament” with the overall “Windows Composition Scene API” to create a killer-platform.

Once again thanks to you Don. You are always helpful.


Sorry for the late response. I didn’t set my preferences to automatically watch the thread.

Saurabh is no longer working on glTF unfortunately. Looks like you found the composition API already. Feel free to DM me if you prefer.