My chip & openGL, compatible?

Hi, I have an ATI RageIIC-enhanced, upgradable to a RageII+ with the w82474en update, upgradable to a ??? with the w82420en & w82548en. I haven’t done this yet because when I upgraded to the II+ with the w82474en, I couldn’t play ‘Messiah’ on the upgrade but could with the original configuration. Now I have ‘Alone in the Dark’ but it won’t load because it says I’m not openGL compatible. But I’ve had this problem some years before & have never gotten past it. I’ve found installs & updates to fix RagePro (for example) that can be made openGL compatible but have never found anything for my graphics chipset. Is it even possible. Can I get or trick my graphics chip into accepting or running an openGL platform? If so, Wheee. There’s a lot I’d like to explore in openGL besides a couple of games I can’t load. Can I do openGL on my computer? Mike

i recommend buy a new chipset