my 82810e dilemma

well i just bought kotor 1 (wanted try it out before kotor 2) and i installed it on my pos emachines t1440. (the vid card is a intel 82810e graphics controller 64mb)long story short my graphics driver wont support it and it requires a 1.4 open gl compatible PCI which i dont have. my latest driver is the intel 1.1.2- build which i dled off of the intel site. apparently intel says it wont support this chipset anymore and thus i have no way to upgrade my driver to an opengl 1.4 build.

my question is if anyoen has any suggestions or a way for me to upgrade my driver? or if u all think my card is a pos and i need a new graphics card.
any help is appreciated

The 810 is not a capable chip.

The cheapest cards are Radeon 8500, Geforce 2 MX

Like Deguy pointed out, the 810 is a POS and you need a new card. But first of all you need to check if your system has an AGP slot at all if not you could get an PCI card but I dont recomment that, especialy new games require the bandwidth.

So if you have a AGP slot and are on a budget you should get a ATI Radeon 9000 or 9200 (avoid the SE versions like a plague) or if you have the cash a Radeon 9600.
Or you could get a Nvidia Geforce 4 TI or Geforce FX (the FX 5200 is slower then the Geforce 4, but cheaper too).

If you dont have a AGP slot the selection is more limited, you can probably get a Geforce 2MX but thats not really up to the task because KOTOR is very demanding in terms of 3d power.

i recently got a copy of kotor as well. i know my processor isnt up to the game (upgrading soon)but i have an nvidia geforce 2 mx 400 (64Mb). every time i update this card thro nvidia, it reports as a 1 or 0 mb card. are there any other ways i could upgrade opengl, or does it have to be thro the driver??

Are you saying the game reports it as have 1 or 0 MB or the driver installation?

As for GL, no there is no other way because video card vendors have the reponsibility of writing GL drivers. It’s not even clear if your problem is GL related. Why would it be?