Multiple UV set support

I’m interested in using Collada as a bridge between Max and Maya but I need meshes that have multiple UV sets to roundtrip in and out of the applications to preserve all their UV sets correctly.

Is there current (April 13, 2006) support for the following in Collada?

Maya > Collada > Maya (Multi UV sets intact)
Maya > Collada > 3dsMax (Multi UV sets intact)
Max > Collada > Max (Multi UV sets intact)
Max > Collada > Maya (Multi UV sets intact)

For the above I’d be using Maya 7.0.1 and Max 8.0 Service pack 2


Randy Stebbing
Lead Technical Artist
High Moon Studios

Hi Randy,

All four of the scenarios you describe should be working, although I haven’t tested these recently. If you do test these and find some issue, please contact me directly and we’ll fix them.