MS OpenGL 1.1 Asserts itself above driver OpenGL

Now, this may make no sense, but as far as I can tell, despite using the latest Detonator drivers for my, admitidly ****ty, card, my computer still remains convinced that it’s not got anything newer than OpenGL 1.1 (From MS) installed. Any clue why? Can I remove the MS OpenGL and resinstall the Nvidia driver package?


No you cant uninstall the MS OpenGL implementation because it acts as a proxy that passes the commands to a hardware implementation or falls back to the MS software solution.

Is Matlab installed on your system? The Matlab webserver (which is installed by default) manually preloads OpenGL and forces OpenGL to fall back to the MS software implementation.

No, nothing along those lines.

How do you know you only get MS OpenGL 1.1?

It is part of the OS. You can’t uninstall it.

You could also check if the slider for hardware acceleration is set to full:

Display properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshooting

You dont say which Nvidia card you got, if its a Riva 128 (ZX) you only get hardware acceleration in 16 bit modes.