Mouse or Framrate issue with all OpenGL games

When playing games in OpenGL, if you move the mouse quickly there is a flicker that looks like a frame thing. Also works if you shoot a wall at point blank in a game like Medal Of Honor. We have tested this issue under WinXP Pro and Win2k with Quake III Arena, Medal Of Honor and Castle Wolfenstein. Games like Ghost Recon that dont use opengl work fine. We have tried at least 3 different monitors and tested all refresh rates from 60-100Hz. Also used multiple nVIDIA drivers and nVIDIA cards including GF2 100/200 and GF4 420 among others. So we guess its either id’s q3 engine or opengl itself. Any ideas?

OK. Under windows 2k and xp your refresh rate is locked at 60hz unless u download a program that will alter that such as “hertz”.
It doesnt matter what you set you Hz to under your desktop setting cos it will go back to 60Hz when you play an open gl game.
i dont know why this doesnt happen with Direct 3D (must be a microsoft plan to run Opengl out of town, pretty poor effort) you should find that will fix your problem.

OK cool I will try this, however I have been searching for such software but can’t find anything, even software called Hertz. Could you point me in the right direction?

I have got the “tearing” problem about a year now…

But some days ago after trying everything
win98, w2k, winxp, ati, gf…

I now a fix, a strang on but i works:

installed detonator 40.41
removed 40.41
installed 30.82
ran nvhardpage and set refresh rates to 85hz for every resolution

This same thing happens to me…I tryed what the guy above said should fix it, but it didnt work. If ANYONE has ANY ideas about how fix this…PLZ reply…

amd 2200+
1 gig ddrram 2700 ram
gf4 ti4600

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