Morphing animation

How can I do, morphing animation?

Suppose that I have 2 meshes: mesh1, mesh2
and one morph: (0% mesh1, 100% mesh2)
How to setup an animation from mesh1 to morph (mesh2)?

With skeletons, things are easy: you just transform nodes.
But with morphing I am not sure.

Look at <morph>. It’s nothing fancy. There are limits to what can be done. COLLADA is fairly limited in terms of what it can express. You could say it’s primitive.

<morph> is a static mesh. A blend between mesh1 and mesh2. (0% mesh1 & 100% mesh2).
I don’t want a static mesh.
I want an <animation>, from mesh1 (with N vertices) to mesh2 (with N vertices again).
Is there an morphing animation example, anywhere?

This dae in three.js repo may help you, there are some comments inside XML, you may want to read it:

To download:

<morph> holds the data. It probably cannot be readily visualized without a corresponding <animation>. Anyway, it’s all the same. It’s all blending that is.