MoreConfused than ever! Read many Posts...Sorry so Long.

Hello all, I am having issues with two games: MaxPayne and Wolfenstein. Both are freezing, total lockup, though each diff. MaxP just stops. sometimes in mid jump or roll, The music and sounds continue and usually my guy is still bobbing or if something in the frame was moving it still will be but I can’t move or do anything IE:task switch. Only hard boot works.
In rtwc, it too locks and music continues as well but I usually get a stuttering or skipping cd-rom sound. Whats wierder about this one is that my mouse cursor pops up and it moves fine, but the screen won’t go away, and any keys i hit just make a “dinging” sound. Finally got an error message for RTWC: (but this is the first time i have seen this,so not sure this is only issue)WOLFSP caused an invalid page fault in
module NVOPENGL.DLL at 0167:6950a745.
EAX=3f100000 CS=0167 EIP=6950a745 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=0125bbd4 SS=016f ESP=01aefaa4 EBP=01259148
ECX=0022b8d2 DS=016f ESI=099547e4 FS=2e77
EDX=00000000 ES=016f EDI=0120c4c8 GS=2e7e
Bytes at CS:EIP:
89 0c 90 8b 8d d0 2a 00 00 8b 95 84 28 00 00 8b
Stack dump:
012060f8 01202600 0120c4c8 01206030 01202600 00000014 00000000 43e38000 0120c4c8 01aefb0c 012532b8 00000002 00000020 01202600 01206030 6950d877
Currently using a Nvidia Visiontek Geforce 2 32 MB DDR. I’m on an AMD 751 FIC Mobo SD-11 AND 640MB of PC133 RAM. I’m using a 50x CD-ROM and a monitor that supports 1600
I put all setting to Low in both games, Especially making sure of SND Qlty. I completely reloaded Windows, From scratch, I am using CURRENT drivers frm Nvidia and am not sharing IRQ’s. Oddly enough, I had EXACT same issues with 3DFx 3000(same brd,less Mem) ANY IDEAS?

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I have the exact same problem.

I have heard that this problems can be solved, but nothing worked.

I have a GeForce mx400 64 mb sd ram
PentiumIII 500mhz
250 sdram