More than one installed SDK in pc, can cause problems?

Hello all, I’m using AMD SDK for OPENCL a few months ago. I wanted to do some tests on a graphics card Nividia Tesla K20 using OpenCL.

It is advisable to uninstall the SDK from AMD to not give problems? Or can I install CUDA toolkit without having to uninstall the previous SDK?

ps: i using linux mint

Thanks for attention

I have three OpenCL SDK installed side by side on one machine (Intel CPU + Nvdia + AMD). Works flawlessly as long as you pay attention to issues such as which CL.h header you use and which libOpenCL you link to (these should be indistinguishable in theory, but aren’t in practice). You can even easily switch runtimes by parametrizing your build system with a set of environment variables specifying the directories for these.