Modelling for OpenGL


Does anybody know of any special tricks for preparing models to be used with OpenGL? If I model an object, such as a vase, and try rendering it with transparency in my OpenGL app, I get artifacts. The artifacts look like dropped polys due to incorrect z-sorting. I have been told that this is a limitation, however I have found a model that is equally complicated but renders fine (without z-sorting). It is the vase model that comes with RenderMonkey.

Is this just a fluke, or is there a trick or tool for ordering the polys of a model so that they render more efficiently in OpenGL.

I hope what I’m saying makes sense. Thanks for any help.


I found the answer I was looking for, more or less. I found the program ModelMagic3D ( I imported my model and exported it and it ‘fixed’ whatever was wrong with my geometry causing the anomalies.

What modeling program did you use to create the original model?