miro Hiscore² 3D and Diamond Monster2 3D as SLI ?

Hi Folks…
I don’t knwo where to post this Problem, so I’m goin to post it here and hope siomebody can help me.
As the Topic says, I’m trying to run a “miro Hiscore² 3D” and “Diamond Monster2 3D” in SLI-MODE, but all I do, evreytime its the same result: I get only 8bit-Color… just the 3dfx-logo is already in 8bit color. I tryed out every driver-combination,2x Monster-drivers, 2x hiscore-drivers, mixed and Voodoo2-standard-drivers… 640480 and 800600 works, but onyl in 8bit color… maybe someone knows about that Problem, and is able to help me.
thx, ciao, JHMF