MC bad video card error.

Mmk guys, as it says above, my MC cannot find an accelerated openGL, now that doesn’t seem right, because my video card is a Intel 82845g graphics controller, and unfortunately when I updated the card to the next driver, it wouldn’t load MC. it loaded fine when it wasn’t updated. i rolled back the driver, tried to run it, and it blue screens the computer… this doesn’t make any sense to me. I have accelerated openGl, but I don’t? :stuck_out_tongue: any help is appreciated. and yes, I know, the graphics card is extremely old. please don’t tell me that.

On windows XP you can use the system restore feature to go back to the previous point before the GFX driver update. that’s your best bet.
Before installing drivers, read the release notes to check what it covers.

sigh… i have. i went all the way back to 6 months ago. didn’t do anything… still a blue screen.