Maya/XSI matrices order keeping .obj alive.

We really like where Collada is headed and would love to make it our inter (XSI/MAYA) format.

However, do to the matrices order issues (row vs col) and the resulting scattering of objects through-out the scene, it is currently of little value to us.

Since I’m talking about the most basic, rudimentary, poly object translation, (albeit hierarchical & tex mapped), I’m just wondering if there is any reason to continue hoping for an actual (usable) inter application format?



PS: In mhop Collada is way closer to being an actual help to us than either .fxb or .xsi…

The row vs. column-major matrix format conversion is trivial (just swap the row and column index on import/export), so that really shouldn’t be an issue.
There is probably another problem in either the Maya or the XSI COLLADA plugin.
Could you send me an example scene that is causing a problem?: