Maya plug-in build errors

I’ve been building the Maya plug-in for Maya 6, as only a Maya 5 binary is included in the download.

I’ve had to patch up the code a lot to get it to build under .NET 2003.

The main change is that every use of xmlGetProp() requires a cast to (const xmlChar *) on the second element,
xmlGetProp( source, (const xmlChar *)COLLADA_PROFILE_PROPERTY )

I also get a lot of comparison signed/unsigned mismatch warnings and a load of float/double warnings.

But with the errors fixed and the warnings ignored, it does all seem to work.

Maybe these build problems could be fixed up before the next release.


Guilty as charged Os - thanks for the details on the build error (obviously I don’t build on that version here). I’ll try and get a version out which behaves itself a little better soon.

Just FYI - there’s a new version of the Maya translator linked off the Maya announcements page - it should address the build problems on .net 2003.