Maya -> Max


I’ve managed to successfully get rigged models from Maya, with animations, into an engine called Away3D. It was a bit of a learning curve to work out what would work and what doesn’t (ie only 1 skin per rig) but it works, after a fashion.

My problem is now that I’d like to be able to read this DAE back into 3D Studio Max. Again, with the latest OpenCollada plugin. This works, albeit with a skin whose weights are all wrong.

Now for the $1,000,000 question / weirdness. When I export this again as a DAE, then re-import into Max, the UVs have been scaled up massively! I worked out somehow that if I simply get each number in the UVs and divide by 30 and add 0.48 they’d return to where they were - but how strange!

Any ideas?

Had to transform each by: UVW / 30 +.48

How about you use Cinema 4D instead…better overall and more compatible.