Maya Exporter bug?

When I try to load the Maya 6.0 collada exporter for Maya I get the following error

loadPluginCallback "E:/downloads/dev/sony/collada/maya/MayaTranslator090104/MayaTranslator/Maya6/COLLADA.mll" "plug-in";
// Error: 指定されたプロシージャが見つかりません。
// Error: 指定されたプロシージャが見つかりません。
// Result: 1 //

Note: the translation of that error message is “Could not find the desiginated procedure”. I’m running Windows XP in Japanese mode if that’s any help.


So, this usually means the plugin interface methods aren’t being exported in the dll.

The pragma:

#ifdef _WINDOWS
_declspec( dllexport)

in the DaeTranslator.cpp file should be setting the export, so it might be as simple as just defining _WINDOWS in your build settings.

If this doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to export the following functions (either by modifying the .cpp with pragmas/qualifiers appropriate to your compiler, or by explicitly adding them to the export list on the command line):


Hope this helps.


Oh, and just for completeness, the other common problem which prevents plugins from loading is when dependent dynamic libraries are not in a place Maya can find them (which from memory is either in the same directory as the mll or in the Maya bin directory - but I’d have to check to be sure). I believe you’ll get a different error if this is the case, but given you’re in Japanese, I thought I mention this just in case.