maya 1.1 importer

“Feel free to try it out – a newer version with support for more
of 1.1 as soon as we have it. One thing that would be really useful is to
understand what people are using, and what they’d like to see added, so
please drop us a line and let us know”

The animation outputted seems to be only based on the animation curves.
If the maya scene contains constraints this kind of animation export will not work.

I think the 1.1 animation specification has too much overhead. Sure it is nice to have the ability to export hermite curves.
But for a painless game asset pipeline all you care about is sampling the animation, so it takes any constraints into account or other weird animation setup’s into account.

So instead of making the artist bake his animations before export after complaining 3 times. It will just work and artists can use every single animation feature maya has.

I compiled it with maya for linux with the modifications in this file … ux.tar.bz2
I managed to export a cube and import it back

The first thing I want to do with that is export geometries
with texture infos, normal maps and all for our realtime virtual
reality engine, based on osg

And second, I want to converte simple but big 3dsMax files to Maya
and keeping the hierarchy and texture info as it was.
Sébastien Kuntz