Maximum code size of kernel(s)


I am concepting to implement full-scale event managing application business logic on OpenCL.

What is the maximum kernel code size (or is it device-dependent)?

The events are going to be common general Command And Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS) with Event Sourcing (ES) architecture, so the amount of kernel code is dependent on the event handling complexity.

There can (and will be) split logic for handling different amount of events targeting different areas, but overall I’d like to understand the technical limits for amount of code that can be uploaded for single kernel or chained (dependent) kernels at a given time.


Kalle Launiala

What is the maximum kernel code size (or is it device-dependent)?

In theory there are no limits other than the available memory on your system. In reality I imagine you will find practical limits earlier than that. However I doubt you will get definite rules anywhere because… how do you measure code length?


Thank you for extremely swift answer - and the best available answer to the question as well.

I was generally concerned, if there is some design-choise limit of allowing only certain type of applications on parallel processing, where normal algorithms do not hit, but full scale applications could.

I will proceed with concepting and come back with issues :wink: