max2009 dae map

Hello everyone, I am using 3DMAX2009 to make building models, I want to input model to GOOGLE EARTH.

I have installed this file OpenCOLLADA_3ds_Max_1.2.5_x64.msi, now i can output dae file, but there is no any mapping information after inputting, I don’t know whether it is the outputting dae file problems or the google earth set problem.

I need your help

What do you mean by “mapping”? Geo location perhaps? That is a COLLADA 1.5 feature.

I add maps with jpg format at diffuse channel of model, they can show at 3dmax, but if outputting with dae format and input to googleearth, maps can not be shown.

Oh texture maps. Try importing from Max into Sketchup and see if your diffuse texture is visable there. Then export to GE from SKU. Maybe compare the two documents to see what the difference is and report a bug to Google and/or OpenCOLLADA.