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The only file I seem to have in my install of the ColladaMax plugin is ColladaMax.dle in the plugins folder.

I’m guessing the problem is that the plugin (or maybe just the installer) isn’t compatible with 64-bit Max. You should keep trying to get a response in their forums. Their developers don’t check this board much I don’t think.

Ok, I will keep checking their site. Sorry for creating a new post, I hit the wrong button and didnt notice.

Another option is to try downloading the source for ColladaMax and compiling it to a 64-bit binary. That’d probably be pretty painful though.

If they don’t get back to you soon email me at and I’ll try to get in contact with them directly.

x = sthomas314
y = gmail

Well I reinstalled Max 9 and patched it with SP2 and for some reason I now have the plug in. All is good now.