Max script = BIG mistake?

@Developers of max exporter/importer

pardon my intrusion.
I endorse initiatives like yours… it could really benefit.

but… why have you chosen to use max script?

exporting a default teapot takes serveral seconds on my P4 2.6 HT.
exporting larger scenes will take HOURS!

either you have to conjure up some magical max script optimizations… or start over from scratch and go C++ if you have any intension about making your format anywhere near useful in the max environment. For other things than a few lowpoly game models.

well… sorry if I’m beeing to hasty to judging your project… And I haven’t read much in your forum
but as it seems now… you are wasting your own time taking the wrong approach.

Using Max script was helpful early on to rapidly prototype different COLLADA representations. The lack of scalability was understood as the COLLADA project progressed to first public release.

Discreet has stated their plans to implement a fully C++ COLLADA import and export plugin. I expect your concerns will be resolved once Discreet makes that available.

Thank you for your support!

sweet… :smiley:

you guys had me going there… :wink:

I’m all happy knowing that now…