Max Collada support PRS style animation? (split)

I want to convert from Collada to my game engine format data. I convert <geometry> related tag using “Max Collada Exporter 2.08”. From now on, I have to parse <animation> related tag. But I convert some MAX file with bone animation and then read exported Collada file. I found <animation> tag use only “sampled transform matrix”. In fact, my game engine use only PRS style -bone translation vector, bone rotation quaternion, bone scaling vector, etc.- key frame animation. So, I am curious to know “Max Collada Exporter” support PRS style animation. If it support already, let me know, please. Or Still it does not support, in the future it probably is a plan which it will support, it wants knowing. Thanks.

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Hi Hunki,

PRS-style animation is in fact supported on all scene graph nodes, with the one exception being Bipeds: does your 3dsMax data use biped? Otherwise, you should also check the export options for the “Bake Matrices” option, which requests transform animations.


If anyone know about this issue, tell me, plz

Our designer use “biped” instead of “bone”.
He export that biped-animation data using collada exporter for MAX 7 ver 2.08.
I get “sampled bone matrix” style anmation in that “dae” file.
But, I want PRS-style “key frame” animation.

Addvise plz~
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello hunki,
As glaforte said in his prior post Biped can only be sampled. It will not export PRS style keyframed data. In 3DSMax biped rigs use a lot of IK solvers. Because of that the PRS animation data is not available to export, it forces the export writer to sample the animation data.

You can get all the information you need from the sampled matrix transform. All you have to do is decompose the matrix transform yourself. There are tons of resources available on the internet to help you do this. After that simple step you are left with sampled PRS animation information. With a little more work you can optimize your data by removing unneeded keys.

You can do this all on load but this would be an excellent use for a COLLADA conditioner. If you decide to make a conditioner that does this and would like to donate it to the COLLADA community we would be greatful.