Matrox G450 problem

I am writing a business application which uses openGL and am having trouble with only 1 computer. It is a PII-266 with 128 MB of ram with a Matrox G450 video driver. This computer is our test machine and has a multi-boot. 2xWin98, winNT4, win2000, win95. I am only having the trouble under win98 (both of them) I have tried both openGL 1.1 and 1.2.

My program is writen in Delphi and I made a simpler program to narrow down the problem. And it doesn’t work either. The simple program is as follows:

I created a delphi component which draws an LED on a panel and can make it blink. I have 2 of those on the same form. The actual program has 6 similar openGL components.

The symptoms:
In the simple case the 2 LEDs flash on the same panel, and the actual program has the same problem on a bigger scale.

I have run these programs on half a dozen computers with a wide range of cards and all operating systems, and it would work. I even ran it on a Duron 700 384MB ram with Matrox G450 VC running winXP and it worked flawlessly.

So, does anyone have any ideas? remember I have run these programs on the problem computer under the other operating systems and things worked fine. It’s just win98 giving me a problem.

Sorry for the extremely long message.