Making Star Trek - Armada

Hello everybody.

I am playing the old game Star Trek Armada an it doesn’t look very well, because my old laptop has just a Neomagic Magicgraph 128 ZV+ with 1 MB Ram in it.
Armada is running software-emulated, 8bit, 640*480, needs DirectX7, and runs with Win95.

I think that an OpenGL-Wrapper should help. I searched for hours and installed Win95 a few times, but I wasn’t able to install OpenGL to use it with Armada.
I can’t even change the resolution up to 800*600 for testing.
Or 16 bit colours. Is it because it’s software rendered?

Is there any possibility to make Armada faster / nicer? What do I have to do to install a wrapper?


That sounds like a hardware from the early 1990’s. Video cards back then didn’t have GL drivers. Good GL driver support starting in 2000 and plus when nvidia came on the scene with their TNT card.

3dfx had decent miniGL driver, even if not generic.
no idea about this piece of hardware though : do you have drivers with it ?

Just had a Google on this.
Wikipedia had this to say about game requirements:

Pentium 200 or equivalent, 32 MB of memory, 16-bit sound card, 4× CD-ROM drive, Pentium 266 required for software mode, 600 MB of hard drive space

So…how are earth are you running Win95 on a laptop with 1MB AND playing the game?