Major Card and Mother Board In-computability

Major Card and Mother Board In-computability sounds conic but I tried to use a ADM-Radeon 4870 Card in a MSI-K92A MB. First the Radeon over write the MSI Bios. Then it confused the MSI cpu/fans monitoring tool stopped dead in their tracks.

The first of two ADM-Radeon-4870 cards failed to run even a simple demo game from ADM (as recommended for a Ge-Force 8600GT card)

I also tried downloading the MSI drivers for the MSI-Radeon 4870 Card: that may have sounded ac good option but ended up as a total mess and hard to cleanup.

My question is has any one else had any joy with this AMD-Radion card in a MSI MB?

Thanks for ay valid input, SEanS

They should work fine, maybe your card or board are defect. And what do you mean by “Radeon overwrite MSI Bios”?