Looking for SBC recommendations

We are a small startup company currently running an Advantech SBC (300 Mhz) that supports Open GL, but doesn’t have enough horsepower to run our graphics intensive application (We display altimeters and air speed indicators and need to update them every 50 ms in order to have their needles and numerics move smoothly). Can anyone recommend a good SBC that a) supports Open GL, b) runs at a decent CPU speed, c) has either a graphics chip or can support a graphics card so we can run our application, d) is not super expensive?

Thats a question that is not easy to answer because it depends on many constrains.

Does the SBC need to have passive cooling or can you get away with active cooling? size limitations? Power consumption limits? …

I dont know how sophisticated your graphics are, but are you sure you get 3d hardware acceleration?

You could check that by calling


If it says “Microsoft GDI Generic” (assuming you are using MS Windows) you are using the software emulation path.